So, what do I mean when I say overfed and under nourished? In today’s hectic lifestyle we hardly have time to sit down and eat at the dinner table, let along create a nutritious healthy meal for our family. In order to deal with this lifestyle we more than often reach for “convenient” foods, processed, pre-cooked and pre-packaged foods. These foods are loaded with shelf life sustaining ingredients that are void of any health benefit. These foods are often stripped of their primary nutrients they originally contained (wheat/milk). Over time this takes it’s toll on your body, it stimulates your bodies need for nutrients and in-turn we eat more.

How can we combat this? Eat organic, raw foods, yes I said it! The good stuff! Also buy grass-fed local grown beef! It tastes like the hamburgers I had as a kid, wow! Have you tasted the difference in the tomatoes your friend grows in their backyard? Do you recall the rich taste it possesses? Then go home and taste a commercially grown, sprayed to ripen tomato?

But, you might have a cost concern? The cost is minimal when you compare the difference in nutrient content, let me show you.

Organic VS Inorganic

So, after reviewing the data above you might be swayed into purchasing foods that actually have nutrients. Yes, this is part of the problem and every time you purchase non-organic foods you are telling the grocery store that is your vote. A small amount of money for a large difference in nutrients. Be well!

Video Link- Overfed and Undernourished

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