On your first visit we will have you complete some basic paperwork. And watch a short educational movie about Chiropractic. After this you will have a consultation (aka history) to discuss your health concerns and discuss what we can do to help. A thorough chiropractic exam includes general tests such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and reflexes, as well as specific orthopedic and neurological tests to assess:

  • Range of motion of the affected part
  • Muscle tone
  • Muscle strength
  • Neurological integrity

Further chiropractic exam tests may be necessary to assess the affected area such as having the individual move in a specific manner and/or posture analysis. After the History, physical examination and any diagnostic studies lead to a specific diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is established, the chiropractor will determine if the condition will respond to care.

The chiropractic doctor will explain a patient’s:

  • Diagnosed condition
  • Individualized chiropractic treatment plan anticipated length of chiropractic care and future health options.

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