Chiropractic and Regenerative Nutrition

I’m Dr. Todd Brown D.C., C.N.C. and I guess the best way to start off is by saying welcome to a research and results driven way to health. Most of us think because we are symptom less we are healthy, this is not true. Health problems take time to manifest and for most, we are usually unknowingly neglecting our bodies over time before any symptoms are evident. What is critical to know is that once symptoms become evident, the disease process is underway.

I’d like to start off by sharing some information with you:

Research conducted by the University of Colorado has shown that misaligned vertebrae causes muscle spasm and nerve pressure. These muscle spasm and nerve pressure then lead to decreased nerve function and decreased nerve function limits the body’s ability to control and coordinate ALL bodily functions.

Organic vs. Inorganic Food:
In a research study conducted by Rutgers University on the comparison of organic vegetable versus inorganic (commercial) vegetables the results showed a 1000:1 difference in iron content for that of a tomato. The quality of nutrition received in organic food versus inorganic food is far superior, so if we eat inorganic or processed foods what are we really getting out of our food?

Genetic Expression:
Research conducted by Duke University has shown that by supplementing methyl-group rich supplements (folic acid/vitamin b12/betain/choline) during pregnancy in Agouti mice the genetic expression can be modified. Contrary to common belief, genetics “do not” determine your health; what you take into your body as well as your environment does.

Bio-Energetic Assessment:
This is a process that measures electrical conductivity through acupuncture meridians. These measurements provide a reading on which organs and systems are weak and/or inflamed. This information is very important in defining a specific regenerative nutrition protocol—no matter what your age or status is.

What does this information mean to you?

For the past 15 years, I have focused my practice on the importance of combining chiropractic care with nutrition. When aiding the function of the nervous system to control and coordinate (chiropractic), with specific nutrition to help in the healing and regenerating of the body—the results are astounding. I invite you to see for yourself how you can experience real health attributes through synergistic combination of chiropractic care and nutrition.

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